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Artist | Student | Varied
I love drawing, writing and photography.

I am most fascinated by the fantasy genre.

My dream; One day I hope to have written and illustrated my own book :icondragonshy2plz:


Soul Catcher
The Soul Catcher. 
Soul Catchers, as the name says, steal souls. The pure and clean ones of children and the innocent are favorable. But the truly desired souls are the ones who are pure, innocent, yet seasoned and wise ones, the rare old souls. They drink souls that give them strength and so they live longer. But from the old should they only take a wiff of every now and then, for such souls are an extreme rarity and not to be wasted. But they have to be careful. Other soul catchers might try to steal it if they knew one of them had an old soul in his possession. And it is said that there are more races that might have an interest in these old souls...

Made with pen and ecoline.

Inspired by Jerome from Gotham and the book 'casket of souls' from the nightrunner series.

Sharing opinions would be nice! :icondragonshy2plz: 

Scrubb has never been one of the prettiest or smartest among his kind and it is because of this that the other dragons rather have nothing to do with him. Our bighearted friend has managed to make one friend though, whom he is very loyal to. Sadly his friend’s untimely death has separated the two.
When dragons die they turn to stone, though even that doesn’t protect them from grave robbers taken that claws, horns, wings and the like are worth a lot. Scrubbs friend has managed to put his paw on one horn though, preventing it from being taken, while Scrubb touches the other end of it, saying the words; “I’m sorry my friend, it seems these wings can’t carry me either to the stars to you…”
Scrubb believes that when creatures die their spirits gain wings and they fly up to the stars from where they look down at the living. Wanting to be with his friend again, Scrubb searches for ways to give himself wings so he could fly to the stars. But sadly not even the feathers he put in his back are strong enough to reunite them…

Made with bleu and black bigpens and ecoline.

three headed dragon of madness
Sharing a body with two others ain't easy. Especially if you hate each other. Stuck together for many frustrating centuries these three have come to hate each other in a manner only dragons can hate. Driving one another mad, they no longer care about the hurt they deal to their shared body as they fight amongst each other. Immortality can truly be a curse...

Made with bigpen.
DA 17th B-day challenge
Phew. This took me way too long to make. 😅 and I'm not even all that satisfied with the outcome... 😔
Ah well. It was good practice.

Materials: fineliners, watercolour pencils and ecoline.
Mood: Nostalgic
Listening to: Die Ärtze; Lasse Reden. Black Veil Brides; Fallen angels.
Reading: Ladybug Fanfic. Waiting for last book of the Fits and the Fool trilogy from Robin Hobb. 
Watching: The Flash 
Drinking: Juce

Heya dear people who read this. :icondragonhiplz:

I suddenly remembered I still have this account and decided to take a look at it. Apparently I have this deviant art account for six years already. Freaking six years! :icondragonshock:

So, yeah, I really have been neglecting this site for far to long... :icondragonidleplz:

But I do hope to change that. I did download the app on my phone now too so it will be easyer for me to upload my art stuff. :icondragonmusicplz:

My study is still going on and I will have a little more time the next half year in which I challanged myself to fill an entire artbook with sketches! So, yeah, I hope to post a hell lot of shit of it here. :icondragonnod1:

So, if you have stumbled agross this old dusty account and you see some of my art that you find interesting, please leave a comment so I know this site isn't all that dead to the world anymore despite my previous neglect of it. :icondragontailfast:

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